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Areas of Expertise

Identity Authoring 

Using memory and identity authoring suites prepared based on psychological and science-based approaches this program guides you in the process of crafting an empowering identity for yourself. For many who suffer from the identity crisis foisted by generations of colonial negative narrative and mistreatment, this program offers you the power to recreate an authentic personality based on your purpose. This is the first stage towards attaining personal initiative, individual and corporate freedom and ultimate liberation from mental slave. This program is primarily for Africans but also accommodates any person that needs to craft a new identity that suits their curiosity and purpose.

Individually Propelled Growth  

This program empowers you to harness the personal initiative to create the environment, tools and resources you need to create the outcome you want for yourself and others in your disadvantaged community. Designed to serve especially people from stifling environments this program focuses who empowering the students with the skills to master their environment and control it. You can create the results you want and multiply the effects across the world.

The core skills this program focuses on personal initiative, problem-finding and creative solutions.

Self-Mapping & discovery: 

This program will help you to understand the sources and factors that came together to create your sense of self. The majority of the pain points that we witness in ourselves come from primal memory sources that come to form aspects of our personality that we are unaware of. This program will help you uncover the hidden sources of your personality and how to manage them to create a meaningful life. It focuses on mapping the sources of ancestral memories, psycho-personality traits, and personal memories. This is the first stage towards understanding who you are your curiosities and purpose and how to develop empowering self-worth that can survive and thrive in any situation in life.

Clear Thinking and Decision-Making 

At the core of your life’s journey is your ability to interpret the world accurately and fast. This program empowers you with the core cognitive skills speed thinking, cognitive utility, processing thinking, systems thinking, memory utilisation and first principles so that you can learn how to make use of your creative choice to shape your life as you want it. You will go from merely making decisions to harnessing the power to make creative choices that will shift the patterns of reality in your life and those of others. 

Infinite Learning Mastery

Through this program, you will master the three aspects of human high performance. You will master the art of learning, becoming and creating. Our environment can become a barrier to our growth in life when it becomes toxic. To attain self-fulfilment every human must be on the path of constant growth. This process can be truncated by the inability to acquire and express. This program will help you develop the skill of an infinite learner which empowers you to learn how to learn yourself into and out of anything in life. This is a very powerful skill that turns you essentially into a god.

​Goalcraft and Attainment 

This program focuses on transferring the skills of goalcraft. A science-based approach that Ugo uses to make industry leaders super effective in their process and work. It guides to go from purpose discovery to concrete plan execution. Go from setting goals to scoring them

Our Approach

At the core of what Ugo focuses guiding you on how to learn and how to think. These are the two most important skills that any human can cultivate to live an authentic life and a productively intentional life. Ugo’s approach focuses on using the mastery of the art of thinking and learning as a healthy strategy for upgrading one’s intelligence. 


With learning Ugo focuses on guiding you to learn how to learn, become and create anything that desires. And in the art of thinking, he focuses on guiding you in the art of clear thinking.


As Ugo defines it, these programs and courses will empower you with the cognitive skills that will guide you to become the top one percent of your career. The unique thing about Ugo’s approach is the support he provides all the way in your journey as a learning coach and friend.

My Approach
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