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From Productivity to Wealth


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6 Weeks


About the Course

Why is wealth concentrated in the hands of a few? The world's wealth distribution pyramid shows that half of the world's net wealth is owned by the top 1%. The top 10% of adults hold 85% of the world’s total wealth, while the bottom 90% hold only 15%. The top 30% of adults own 97% of the total wealth.

The reason is simple only a few of humanity actually produce valuable things. The primary source of wealth creation is productivity. If you master the art of productivity, you have mastered the art of wealth creation.

The real problem is that it is so hard to produce effectively because sometimes our biology doesn’t work in our favour, especially when you don’t understand it.

In this reinvention workshop, you begin to understand how your body can work in your favour to improve your productivity, specifically for wealth creation. The principles you will learn in this session will be helpful to you as an individual and your community or nation.

In this special session, you learn about:

1. The concept of productivity in a way that will improve your performance.

2. The formula for productivity

3. Core principles of wealth creation

4. You will understand how the concept of resource ties into productivity and what it means for your work.

5. You will learn about money, time and freedom in a new and empowering way.

6. You will learn how to build wealth from memories.

7. You will learn about your Performance Time Cycle by understanding the biology of circadian rhythm and chronotype.

This program is a six-week course program that will take you on a journey that will unlock your infinite self-potential.

Begin the process of unlocking your wealth by unlocking your productivity.

Your Instructor

Ugo Chukwu

Ugo is a Learning coach, an intelligence researcher, futurist and author of several books including: “An Exercise in Clear Thinking”, Infinite Learning”, Journey to One Percent” and “Words”. He has helped many students improve their performance in learning and work through his writings, courses, and online and public lectures.

Ugo Chukwu
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