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6 Weeks


About the Course

How can you develop the uncanny ability to continually reach into yourself to draw out different versions of persons for different life challenges?

We are indeed born with different genetic dispositions that incline us to certain personality traits. However, what emerging research in neuroscience and cognitive science are revealing about the capacity of your brain and nervous system is mind-blowingly earth-shattering.

Join us - to unearth the reservoir of infinite capabilities that have been buried by a disempowering culture and education system that has defined your powers and limited the circumference of your world.

This promises to be the best course you will ever take this year. You have studied enough of the world and what's in it for you. Now it's time to take a course on yourself.

Self-Optimization is a six-week, intense, deep dive into the matrix of you.

We have an Infinite Learning Coach to guide you and a community waiting to welcome you.

Your Instructor

Ugo Chukwu

Ugo is a learning coach, and an intelligence researcher. He has helped many persons and businesses improve their performance in learning and work through his writings, courses, and public lectures and training. His main focus is on helping individuals and professionals attain mastery and exceptional value in their different areas of work through a science of personal development he has developed known as the “Science of Personal Initiative”.

Ugo Chukwu
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