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I will help you learn how to learn yourself into and out of anything


Ugo Chukwu

Learning Coach

Ugo is a learning coach, intelligence researcher and systems designer.


He has helped many persons and businesses improve their performance in learning and work through his writings, courses, and public lectures and training. His main focus is on helping students and professionals attain mastery and exceptional value in their different areas of work through a science of personal development he has developed known as “Science of Personal Initiative”. 


This new science of learning has been developed into a full curriculum and courses for schools. He is the leader of the online thriving community known as Clear Thinking Forum” where he takes people on an intellectual journey sharing principles, ideas and strategies that are helping many from different backgrounds achieve peak performance in their work. 


As an intelligence researcher. His work delves into the areas of neurobiology, computational neuroscience, psychology, biophysics, systems science and systems intelligence. 


His vision is to upgrade human intelligence to get to the next phase of its evolution before artificial general intelligence catches upon us. This is the mission of Nexeve.

What Ugo Specialize In

At the core of what Ugo focuses guiding you on how to learn and how to think. These are the two most important skills that any human can cultivate to live an authentic life and a productively intentional life. Ugo’s approach focuses on using the mastery of the art of thinking and learning as a healthy strategy of upgrading one’s intelligence.

Self-Mapping & discovery 

Clear Thinking and Decision-Making 

Identity Authoring 

Learning Skills for optimal performance in Business and Career

Infinite Learning Mastery



Ugo is the author of three exceptional books, that guide you on how to think, learn and create. These include his 2020 book An Exercise in Clear Thinking, His 2021 book Infinite Learning (A student’s guidebook). And his most recent book, Journey to one Percent was released in February 2022.

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Ugo is open to speaking at your event and touching lives.

We are open to guiding you in your journeys towards building an authentic sense of self through the art of clear thinking and infinite learning. You can reach out to us for guidance and support when you want to make both personal and corporate decisions. When you feel the impasse of inability to get forward with your life and goals our team of coaches with the leadership of Ugo can guide you to get from zero to one and beyond.

We are always available whenever you call on us.

1348 Windermere Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Tel: +1 ‪(202) 670-5670‬
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