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NEXEVE is a coaching, research and human enhancement company focused on using the latest science and state-of-the-art technology to improve human intelligence and performance. Founded to help upgrade human intelligence it is advancing humanity to the next phase of its evolution ahead of Artificial General Election.


NEXEVE is advancing its work in the areas of deciphering the human brain, nature of the mind, consciousness and memories. The essence is to help improve human performance, advance to personal development 2.0 and help people live a richer and more meaningful life with better learning and thinking capabilities. 


We believe NEXEVE is primed for immense success in the near future and that NEXEVE presents an outsized opportunity for interested parties to get involved in the coaching, training, research program and technology development.

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Our Mission Is to Upgrade Human Intelligence before the advent of Artificial General Intelligence


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By combining all basic scientific theories of our time, we hope to decipher human intelligence and its workings to solve this monumental species problem. We believe that with the level of information and knowledge available to us today we can achieve tremendous results to this end


We say we start from mastering today’s problems of mental health, decision making, learning and thinking disabilities. Then we model parts of the brain and mind that handle these issues to find solutions.​​ To administer these solutions we begin with developing coaching programs that are tailored to our approach. We develop metrics for identifying an upgraded intelligence in order to measure the progress of development and advancement.


The coaching program is designed to help students improve two things - the ability to think and the ability to learn. This will help the client make interpretations accurately and fast.

Coaching and Research

Our service is provided on two levels and target two audience groups

Coaching: Our coaching services target people who wish to improve the quality of their thinking, learning, decision making, mental health and performance.

Research: Our research program focuses on developing the simplest way to improve people’s learning, thinking, information processing speed, and decision-making. The research area covers neurobiology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, systems learning, biophysics, among others.

The knowledge gained from our research program is used in improving our coaching program.

The coaching program is modelled for students who sign up for a package from the list of packages that contain live coaching services, prerecorded courses, resource coaching materials, software applications among other things.



What is intelligence and what is the metric to determine if intelligence is upgraded?


How to decode and encode memories. Analysing memories from ancestral to multidimensional.


Understand the sources of the sense of self and how they come together to create personality, memes and society.


Decipher the physical and mental basis of consciousness and map them. Create an advanced conscious being.

Thinking & Learning

decipher how to think clearly bringing noise and bias to conscious control. Learn how to learn infinitely. Mastering these two skills as a way to upgrade intelligence 

meet the team

Ugo Chukwu

Ugo is a learning coach, intelligence researcher, futurist and author of several books. He has helped many students improve their performance in learning and work through his writings, courses, online and public lectures.

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Dr. Eileen Cheng

Dr Eileen C. Zuberi is a thought leader, change agent, and bridge builder.

She is an expert in building social enterprises and NGOs from the ground up with proven records in areas of outreach, brand marketing, and solution-based strategic development. 

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