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A six-Week course on How to Explore and Unleash the Matrix of you.

How can you develop the uncanny ability to continually reach into yourself to draw out different versions of persons for different life challenges?

We are indeed born with different genetic dispositions that incline us to certain personality traits. However, what emerging research in neuroscience and cognitive science are revealing about the capacity of your brain and nervous system is mind-blowing and earth-shattering.


In this Self-optimization course, you will be taught how to maximize and reach into the reservoir of your infinite resource - the self, and make the most effective use of any situation you may find yourself.

Why You Need This...

And Why You Need It Now!

Do you have the clarity of mind and fortitude of the will to drive your personal life and work or Is your life without focus and direction…do you need clarity to understand yourself better?


Do you feel energised and in control as you undertake your goals or Do you feel overwhelmed in achieving your goals? 


Do you understand your current path in your business or career and are you doing the work to get you there? Or Do you know what to do but somehow can’t get yourself to do it?


Do you feel excited, confident, happy and energised in your work or Do you feel exhausted and crushed after doing your job or work and somehow feel there’s another easy way out of the trap?


Do you wish you had someone who could stay with you and guide you, gave you the right advice, helped you get the right perspective to make those critical decisions that felt overwhelming?


If there’s one thing you don’t want to compromise on, it’s your life. There are no redos, no resets. This is it. Your time is now.


The best and top one percent have every aspect of their lives…spiritual, mental, financial, emotional, intellectual and physically taken care of best the best minds in the world. The truth is that you can also access this same resource. The question is how much do you need it?


This is what you get in this course.

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Reality places infinite demand on man, for that he must constantly reach out into the reservoir of his infinite resource - the self.

Ugo Chukwu

What You’ll Discover

💡 How to gain clarity about yourself and your current life circumstance.

💡 How you can access the unlimited resources within and outside you.


💡 How to decode the unlimited powers that are buried in your memories. 

💡 How to learn anything, become anything and create any reality you wish to manifest.

💡 How to craft yourself to become a goal harvested 

💡 How to think about life in time and unleash yourself without time.

💡 How to make every aspect of your life fully optimised for productive.

You’ll emerge from this course with the tools and guidance you need to create your own Life - and become the author of your greatest life. By taking control of your destiny, you are able to reach success and happiness on your own terms.

Meet your Learning Coach 

Ugo is a learning coach, and an intelligence researcher. He has helped many persons and businesses improve their performance in learning and work through his writings, courses, and public lectures and training. His main focus is on helping individuals and professionals attain mastery and exceptional value in their different areas of work through a science of personal development he has developed known as the “Science of Personal Initiative”. 

In this Course you will cover

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